Action Civile pour TICAD3 (ACT2003)

Action Civile pour TICAD3

[What is ACT 2003?]
Action Civile pour TICAD III (ACT 2003) is a non-governmental advocacy campaigning network in Japan to influence TICAD III to incorporate the voice from grassroots, particularly of African people, and to attain concrete results that are beneficial to them. ACT 2003 consists of individuals and NGOs in Japan who have concerns about African development; some of which have been engaging themselves in development aid works in Africa.

[Vision of ACT 2003]
While TICAD III is a high-level official conference among governments and international organizations, the development policies and projects generated from it will, directly or indirectly, have impacts on the people at grass roots in African countries. Having a wide network with African NGOs, we as individuals and NGOs have been supporting those who live in hardships at grass-roots levels. Taking these respects into account, we believe that our participation in TICAD III can make a significant contribution to the meaningful development of African people, by ensuring that their awareness, expertise and experience are fully integrated into it. Based on this idea, we launched the advocacy network, Action Civile pour TICAD III (ACT 2003), and will take actions in corporation with African and other foreign NGOs.

[Objectives of ACT 2003]
In the process of TICAD III, ACT 2003 aims to achieve, inter alis: 
1) To ensure TICAD III taking the views of African people in its declaration; 
2) To reaffirm commitment to focus on concrete actions by the participants of the TICAD III 
3) To promote awareness of individuals and NGOs in Japan on African development and TICAD III.

[Action Plan of ACT 2003]
1) To participate in TICAD III and its process

In order to achieve the objectives above, we take vigorous actions to participate in its sub-regional preparatory meetings in Africa, and "MOFA-NGO Forum on TICAD III" in Japan for our opinions to be reflected in all the process towards the main conference in Tokyo. During the main conference of TICAD III, which will be a platform of policy dialogues, we will make efforts to secure the opportunity to participate in all the sessions, to express our opinions, and to present our policy recommendations. By so doing, we make sure that the views of individuals and NGOs are incorporated into the "development policies to Africa" of the Japanese government and other TICAD III co-organizers.
We discuss major development issues in Africa through thematic subcommittees for preparation of our policy recommendations.

2) To organize public campaigns
We disseminate information and organize events such as seminars and symposiums to promote awareness and commitments among individuals and NGOs in Japan in which our participation to and actions for TICAD III should take their root.

[Past TICAD conferences and TICAD III]
The first Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) took place in October 1993. It was the first international conference organized by the Japanese government that dealt with African development. After the second TICAD (TICAD II) in 1998, its third conference (TICAD III) will be held in September 29 to October 1 in 2003. Following four Preparatory Meetings held in different regions of Africa, TICAD III will adopt "TICAD Tenth Anniversary Declaration" and "Agenda of TICAD III".

[ ACT 2003 Managing Committee ]  2003.3.1
    Ms. Yoko Ozeki (Dialogue & Action for Development in Africa :DADA)
    Mr. Shinsuke Kawauchi (Africa-Japan Forum)
    Mr. Shigetsugu Komine (Africa Reconciliation Committee)
    Mr. Yasushi Kurokouchi (Africa Society Japan)
    Mr. Ryo Suzuki (A SEED JAPAN/Japan Network on Debt and Poverty)
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