Activities in DR Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo

Disaster Relief and Recovery
The emergency relief for the refugee by the explosion of Mt. NYIRAGONGO .
January 17th 2002 , The NYIRAGONGO mountain (The altitude of about 3470m) of Goma Suburb in the Democratic Republicof Congo caused the eruption and lava destoroyed the airport and the town. About 100,000 people are still internally displaced, and the part of them were coming to GISENYI of Rwanda acrossing the border. 
From January 31 to February, Miho TAKA, ARC country representative in
Rwanda , to co-operate relief activity by the Jesas Alive Ministries International (JAMI). 
5000 blankets provided by the Association of Japanese Agencies for Supporting Africa (AJASA)   will be sent for victims by cooperation with
JAM. We will report the result soon.